Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's been 4 weeks since I've had my surgery and I'm feeling really good! Praise God! Recovering beautifully! Thank you all for the prayers! I will go to see my Radiation Doc tomorrow and set up my plan for radiation treatment. So happy to begin the end of my treatment :)
I'm embracing my new body, my healthy body each day and I'm thankful. I was joking with my sister, Katie the other day saying how I was representing the "0 cup", and she said, "no, the healthy cup" true. Thank you Katie, Love you! You might be asking whether or not I'm going to have breast reconstruction. Because I'm having radiation I have to put that option off for awhile for healing purposes. I'm also going to give myself a year or so to heal physically and emotionally before I make any more surgical decisions.

My Green Eating Vegan Adventure is going Fabulous and I'm feeling rejuvenated! It's been 3 weeks now and I feel refreshed and energized. And CLEANER. LOVE LOVE! I have been super inspired by many books, blogs, recipes, and my GREEN kitchen is now my goddess shrine. My husband is slowly easing his way into the lifestyle and he has loved every dish so far and is enjoying the transition. My 2 year old is a little more tricky but it's just her age and her independence. But we keep the old fashion rule in our house, there are no short order cooks in our house. One meal only, and we all sit down at the dinner table to eat. If you don't go hungry.

Green Juicing is LIFE CHANGING. Oxygen to your soul, literally.

My favorite Green goddess drink
-Cucumber (1)
-Celery (2-3)
-roman or spinach leaves (a big handful)
-pink lady apple
- 1/2 lemon


I have found a blog called, Oh She Glows! It is under my blogs I enjoy to read at the side panel. She is a vegan and has a mega ton of recipes. All have been delicious so far! some recipes have sugar in them which i just omit. Love her site.
The book that I have read that I'm basing my vegan sexiness knowledge off of is Crazy, Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. She has inoperable, untreatable cancer and has lived this healthy lifestyle for 8 years, keeping her cancer at bay and her blood work beautiful. It's in the science folks. Plants and grains are good for ya! No brainer. Read her book, its amazing.

Much love to you all!!! Think Pink!!

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