Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm CANCER FREE!!!! Yes, I'm saying it again...because I can :)

I'm one drain tube away from being free!! I went to the Dr yesterday and to my dismay she only pulled one, I was still very grateful but a little disappointed to have to leave with the awkward and uncomfortable drain tube sticking out of my right chest wall. LOL! Did I paint a lovely picture? On a positive note, I received my Pathology report from my surgery!! My surgeon told me that there was only 1.6mm (that's TEENY TINY folks) of cancer left in my body when she went in for surgery! She said that it was amazing and that after removing it all and my breast there is completely clear margins all the way around. Also, out of 16 lymph nodes removed from my right axilla, only one came back positive which accounts from the remaining 1.6mm of cancer that remained prior to surgery. Pretty amazing! God kicked some major bootie on my cancer!! Best words to ever hear, CANCER FREE!!!!

Now it's the time to treat my body like the holy temple it is! Did ya know that Diet and exercise alone can reduce my chances of recurrence by up to 40% for my particular type of cancer, Triple Negative Breast Cancer? That's huge. NON NEGOTIABLE. My life is non negotiable. So here we go! My journey on becoming a Cleansed GREEN healthy fighting machine! Plant-based, organic, raw veggies, juicing, whole wheat, low glycemic fruits, alkalizing green drinks and super powered green smoothies. Saying NO to sugars, animal products, starches, caffeine, coffee and processed foods. I am super excited to embark on my new journey of health and life and and more excited that my family has committed with me! If any of you fellow bloggers out there are already living green and would love to share recipes, tips or anything, please do!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!! Much love!!

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