Friday, May 6, 2011

June 13th!!!!

The date is set! I am scheduled to have my bilateral mastectomy June 13th!!! There is a nice little package of emotions that I am experiencing leading up to this date BUT what makes me at peace is knowing that the cancer will be gone after the surgery. Please pray for continued strength, courage, quick recovery, and no complications.

I have three weeks of Chemotherapy! It's hard to believe! I am ready to move on to my next phase of and then 7 weeks of radiation everyday. So Thankful! So blessed. I'm feeling good and continue to stay positive. Attitude really is everything! I have to admit I am fearful at times when I think of the future and have thoughts of the cancer returning and recurring somewhere else in my body. I think of my daughter and my husband. I can only hope and pray to be blessed with 50 more years! But I know these thoughts are just worries that I can't consume my heart with and I trust in my heart that when we walk through the valleys of despair and heartache, soon will come our spring, fruitful and glorious by the grace of God. He is faithful. I am STRONG through HIM. God's timing is perfect and this is my path, my journey in serving him and I can only pray that I will be able to make a small difference in our world in his name.

Thank You to Nicole and Erica Horne for organizing the "Help Jennifer Fight breast cancer" T-shirt fundraiser and THANK YOU for everyone who donated! My family and I appreciate every bit of effort and love that went into this and it has helped my family out tremendously during these tough times. God answers prayers :)
Cancer effects everyone and these t-shirts have been an inspiration to many and I am so proud to wear mine.

Beautiful weather finally!! Though I have to say if it wasn't for the 5 days of rain, our grass and trees would not be the lush beautiful green they are now! April showers, May flowers! Looking forward to a nice sunny, relaxing weekend with my family. I will hold my daughter a little tighter this weekend and give extra kisses thanking her for the best gift of my life....motherhood.

Much Love! Think Pink!

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