Friday, April 8, 2011

Vampire for a day

I had chemo on Monday and my labs had shown that my Red Blood cells (which supply oxygen to my blood) were on the low wonder I was feeling more tired than normal, HA! I needed a blood transfusion so on Wednesday that is what I did. I had to go alone on this little first time adventure so I pulled my big girl panties on and tried not to act like I wanted to pass out or vomit. I'm not sure why I was nervous? weird. As a nurse I have transfused many MANY patients before. But I guess when you are the patient it puts things in a different perspective. Anyway, it was FINE. No worries. It took about 4hours and then I was able to drive myself home...easy as pie. Thank you blood for giving me back my energy!!!! I woke up the next morning and felt GREAT!

The weather has been beautiful and this weekend is supposed to be sunny and in the 80's!!! We have some friends coming this weekend to visit! So excited! I'm hoping we get to go to the zoo! Ava hasn't been since she was a baby and she absolutely LOVES animals! I will take some pictures this weekend to update my blog on Ava, she has grown so much! Her birthday is May 27th!! I can't believe she is turning 2! She was so funny yesterday...we were outside and I was working in the yard and she was playing with her ball and in one second I turned around and she had climbed into the dogs water bowl (note that it's a cattle size water bucket) and was splashing and playing, laughing her little head off! Good thing I had just emptied it and put fresh water in. That was entertainment for her for a good 45 minutes, no joke. Oh, the simple things. I guess it's a good time to get her little pool out.

I hope everyone has a good weekend! Get out and enjoy the weather! Much love!

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