Friday, April 15, 2011

12 weeks down! 12 more to go!!!!

I believe God places people in your life for a reason whether it's for a minute or a lifetime. I'm truly blessed for the people in mine and for those that have crossed my path and touched my life and heart.

A sweet elder lady approached me this past week while I was having lunch with my mom. She is a breast cancer survivor and has been for 21 years. We shared stories and she gave me many words of encouragement and hope. Most of all I remember she said, "I give God all of the credit, he is so good. He continues to take care of me and I know that he is taking care of you too."
She gave me a big hug and then she was gone. Gods timing is always perfect. I believe he put her in my path today for a reason. It truly made my day!

So thankful for all of my family, friends, supporters, my Dr's, and the sweet nurses that care for me during Chemo. You are all my angels in disguise.

This week has been good, I have now completed 3 months of Chemo! I will start cycle 5 ( there are 3 weeks in a cycle, but I go every week with no break so we just continue to the next cycle) of Chemo on Monday and will also see my Dr! I believe I have 8 cycles total, so If I'm right I only have 12 more weeks of Chemo. I'm half way done with Chemo! It will also depend on how much the 1.5 mass in my underarm has gone down...praying it will be gone :)

I'm beginning to have new side effects from the Chemotherapy. I've been pretty blessed so far, my body has been strong and tolerating the medicine with ease. The past few weeks I have noticed my nail beds changing in color and this week they are really sore (feels like every finger has been smashed in a door...just very tender and sensitive to hot and cold) When I wake up in the morning my feet are sore and ache. The nurse said this is the beginning of neuropathy which is expected to happen with chemo. It will get better once I am done with treatments.
Hot flashes are another fun side the ripe ole' age of 30. I now appreciate and have empathy for every woman that goes through menopause and experiences this.
Unfortunately I need to get used to these hot flashes because they will be around for awhile. I am to have a hysterectomy within a few years because I am BRCA gene positive, which also includes risk for ovarian cancer. My Dr highly suggest for me to get a hysterectomy before I turn 35 :( I want to eliminate any risk for any return of cancer, so this is not a hard decision for me. I'm not sweating over this...I'd rather be here and see my daughter grow and enjoy every day with those that I love for many MANY more years to come.
Other than that I've been doing great! My eye lashes and eyebrows are beginning to fall out :( ...but I just remind myself that they will grow back beautiful and lush after treatments, as well as my hair. Speaking of hair I tried on a few wigs this past week. It was fun! I'm not quite sure If I will purchase one or not. I'm fine wearing my hats and scarves but maybe a cute wig would be nice when Bo and I go out for a date night. If I decide on one I will post a pic :)

We are supposed to have another beautiful weekend here in Tulsa! We don't have anything planned but relaxation. My kind of weekend :) Much love to you all! THINK PINK!

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Suzy and Dustin said...

It sounds like you had an angel visit you Jennifer! That story made me cry! I think God does place people in your life just like that to give you strength and encouragement. I am so thankful for that little lady! :)
I am so proud of you Jennifer. You have the best attitude of anybody I have ever been around. Your strength and courage just absolutely INSPIRE me! I should have known anybody who can windmill and heelkick with the ferociousness that you used to use on me would be able to certainly attack breast cancer with a vengeance! Haha! I love you!