Sunday, April 24, 2011


Love this little face!!!
Please forgive my "non makeup", no eyelashes appearance in this photo :) Still thought it was cute with Ava taking a big bite of her apple!
Aww! She loves her little "bunny" chic that chirps!
The hand motions that I captured in this photo crack me up! She looks like a posing princess!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and celebrated that our Christ is RISEN! We had a memorable weekend full of a wonderful church service, family, delicious food, Easter egg dying and hunting, movies, and did I mention A LOT of delicious food?!?! So blessed.

Monday, April 18, 2011


EXCITING NEWS!!! I saw the Dr today and had chemo and he told me that I only had 6 more weeks of Chemo!!! Can I get a "WHOOP WHOOP!" Yes, I was mistaken apparently. Since I have been going every week without a break that took 6 weeks off my initial plan so 6 weeks it is!!!!!
So May 23 is my last day of Chemo and then I will have my bilateral mastectomy surgery 2-3 weeks after Chemo. This is a pretty big surgery and the Dr said that I will be recovering for about 8 weeks. I will start radiation everyday for 7 weeks following my surgery.

I'm not going to lie, I'm most nervous about my surgery coming up :o It's not the pain I'm nervous about after the procedure, it's the actual surgery itself. Being a nurse makes it worse because I know exactly whats involved and I don't have any control on this situation. I will be put under General anesthesia, intubated during surgery, and the idea of sharp scalpels and both of my breast being removed is a little scary. BUT I know that God will guide their hands and keep me safe from harm. Please pray that as I face the next phase of my treatment and surgery that I will place all of my worries and fears to God and that He will provide me courage and peace. Trusting in him.
I'm soooo excited about the surgery because I know that I will be cancer free afterwards but I believe that the surgery is going to be the toughest challenge for me, physically and emotionally. With God I will push through this and be stronger than I have ever been ;) I am so blessed!
I am so excited to run with all of my family and friends at the Susan G Koman race for the cure in September in Tulsa!!
Love you all! I hope the update brought a smile to you all!


Friday, April 15, 2011

12 weeks down! 12 more to go!!!!

I believe God places people in your life for a reason whether it's for a minute or a lifetime. I'm truly blessed for the people in mine and for those that have crossed my path and touched my life and heart.

A sweet elder lady approached me this past week while I was having lunch with my mom. She is a breast cancer survivor and has been for 21 years. We shared stories and she gave me many words of encouragement and hope. Most of all I remember she said, "I give God all of the credit, he is so good. He continues to take care of me and I know that he is taking care of you too."
She gave me a big hug and then she was gone. Gods timing is always perfect. I believe he put her in my path today for a reason. It truly made my day!

So thankful for all of my family, friends, supporters, my Dr's, and the sweet nurses that care for me during Chemo. You are all my angels in disguise.

This week has been good, I have now completed 3 months of Chemo! I will start cycle 5 ( there are 3 weeks in a cycle, but I go every week with no break so we just continue to the next cycle) of Chemo on Monday and will also see my Dr! I believe I have 8 cycles total, so If I'm right I only have 12 more weeks of Chemo. I'm half way done with Chemo! It will also depend on how much the 1.5 mass in my underarm has gone down...praying it will be gone :)

I'm beginning to have new side effects from the Chemotherapy. I've been pretty blessed so far, my body has been strong and tolerating the medicine with ease. The past few weeks I have noticed my nail beds changing in color and this week they are really sore (feels like every finger has been smashed in a door...just very tender and sensitive to hot and cold) When I wake up in the morning my feet are sore and ache. The nurse said this is the beginning of neuropathy which is expected to happen with chemo. It will get better once I am done with treatments.
Hot flashes are another fun side the ripe ole' age of 30. I now appreciate and have empathy for every woman that goes through menopause and experiences this.
Unfortunately I need to get used to these hot flashes because they will be around for awhile. I am to have a hysterectomy within a few years because I am BRCA gene positive, which also includes risk for ovarian cancer. My Dr highly suggest for me to get a hysterectomy before I turn 35 :( I want to eliminate any risk for any return of cancer, so this is not a hard decision for me. I'm not sweating over this...I'd rather be here and see my daughter grow and enjoy every day with those that I love for many MANY more years to come.
Other than that I've been doing great! My eye lashes and eyebrows are beginning to fall out :( ...but I just remind myself that they will grow back beautiful and lush after treatments, as well as my hair. Speaking of hair I tried on a few wigs this past week. It was fun! I'm not quite sure If I will purchase one or not. I'm fine wearing my hats and scarves but maybe a cute wig would be nice when Bo and I go out for a date night. If I decide on one I will post a pic :)

We are supposed to have another beautiful weekend here in Tulsa! We don't have anything planned but relaxation. My kind of weekend :) Much love to you all! THINK PINK!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Vampire for a day

I had chemo on Monday and my labs had shown that my Red Blood cells (which supply oxygen to my blood) were on the low wonder I was feeling more tired than normal, HA! I needed a blood transfusion so on Wednesday that is what I did. I had to go alone on this little first time adventure so I pulled my big girl panties on and tried not to act like I wanted to pass out or vomit. I'm not sure why I was nervous? weird. As a nurse I have transfused many MANY patients before. But I guess when you are the patient it puts things in a different perspective. Anyway, it was FINE. No worries. It took about 4hours and then I was able to drive myself home...easy as pie. Thank you blood for giving me back my energy!!!! I woke up the next morning and felt GREAT!

The weather has been beautiful and this weekend is supposed to be sunny and in the 80's!!! We have some friends coming this weekend to visit! So excited! I'm hoping we get to go to the zoo! Ava hasn't been since she was a baby and she absolutely LOVES animals! I will take some pictures this weekend to update my blog on Ava, she has grown so much! Her birthday is May 27th!! I can't believe she is turning 2! She was so funny yesterday...we were outside and I was working in the yard and she was playing with her ball and in one second I turned around and she had climbed into the dogs water bowl (note that it's a cattle size water bucket) and was splashing and playing, laughing her little head off! Good thing I had just emptied it and put fresh water in. That was entertainment for her for a good 45 minutes, no joke. Oh, the simple things. I guess it's a good time to get her little pool out.

I hope everyone has a good weekend! Get out and enjoy the weather! Much love!

Friday, April 1, 2011

He is faithful...

I grow stronger every day, within each moment during this tough trial of mine...I shine, I rise against my fear. Because of Him, our God provides me the strength, hope and life in his words. Together we are fighting and winning. Cancer WILL NOT take me.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Are you ready for the news??? I had a MRI and PET scan this week and prayers are being answered. My Dr called me this week and said, "It's amazing. The tumor is no longer in your breast. GONE. And the mass (of lymph nodes where the cancer spread to my underarm) has shrunk to 1.5cm!!!!!!!! It started out at 5cm!!!!!!!!" AMAZING, PRAISE GOD, HALLELUJAH.

This was the most overwhelming feeling EVER. EVER! indescribable. My sister was on hold on the other line and it that moment when I switched over to tell her the news I just cried and cried. In that moment I felt so happy, so full of life and energy and could only thank God over and over. He is faithful. We are fighting strong and winning.

I know my journey has still just begun but I am stronger today than yesterday and I trust the plans that our Lord has for me.

My PET scan came back clear as well which means it has not spread to any other part of my body! We will continue chemo treatments weekly and attack aggressively until the mass is as small as we can get it or it's I PRAY GONE. Then I will have surgery followed with 7 weeks of everyday radiation. YAY!!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me and continues to pray. I love you all!