Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday and Chemo!

I had an amazing birthday! Best ever. It was the most beautiful day Tuesday! I woke up, took little miss sunshine to school and met my mom for whole wheat pancakes at Blue Moon Cafe ( BIG YUMMMO!) Then I went and rode dressage (an equestrian horse sport) for about an hour at beautiful stables in Owasso, Ok. That was the highlight of my day, hands down. When you truly love something it doesn't matter how long it's been since you have done it, because the minute you pick right back up it feels like a missing piece of your puzzle found its way back! The smile never left my face that day! I will continue to ride a few times a month and already have a lesson scheduled for next Wednesday! That evening we went and had dinner at my parents and had my favorite, spaghetti! And to top it off a delicious chocolate cake! Let me remind you that I haven't had sugar since I was diagnosed so this was like a royal once in a lifetime treat!!!! THANK YOU MOM!

Wednesday I had Chemo, week 6! It was smooth sailing! I am a little anemic so I am getting a shot today, Aranesp, to help stimulate my Red blood cells. My doctor has revised my schedule and has put me on a rotation 3 week chemo treatment plan followed by a week break. We will continue this rotation for now. I'm feeling good this week! I have Chemo on Monday (my routine chemo day) and I will receive both chemo meds this time which means a lot more rest will be needed for a few days and nausea control. These are some pretty amazing chemo medications! As crazy as it sounds I look forward to Chemo and even the week that I get both meds and I know that my week will be a little more challenging but I also know that this miraculous medicine is killing and shrinking these cancer cells inside my body and they are doing it fast! Praise God!

I am going to the Tulsa Young Survivor Coalition tonight. It is a group of young women that have survived breast cancer and also young women, like myself who are battling breast cancer. They do so many amazing things in the community to bring awareness to Breast Cancer and tonight I am going to embrace this opportunity, meet these incredible women, develop support, and share my story. I will tell you all how it went later this week!

I hope everyone is having a good week and enjoying each day!
A dear friend gave me a 365 day devotional and I came across a message last night that I want to share.

YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH. Listen more to Me, and less to your doubts. I am leading you along the way I designed just for you. Therefore, it is a lonely way, humanly speaking. But I go before you as well as alongside you, so you are never alone. Do not expect for anyone to understand fully My ways with you, any more than you can comprehend My dealings with others. I am revealing to you the path of Life day by day, and moment by moment. As I said to my disciple Peter, so I repeat to you: Follow Me.

Psalm 119:105; John 21:22

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