Monday, February 21, 2011

Yes, I would like a bag-o-platelets...or two please. Thank you.

My body responded over the weekend it a gentle little reminder that it was time to give me my first break from Chemo and let it re build all those good cells we need to fight on! Sunday morning I had multiple nose bleeds so I called the nurse on call for my Doctor and was instructed to head on into the hospital to get my Platelet count checked. So indeed my counts were low and I was in need for a platelet was painless and quick. We spent most of our day at the hospital but the actual transfusion only lasted 30 minutes. I was able to go home and rest after wards.

I was scheduled for Chemo this morning, so we went in and had my labs drawn and checked to see if I would be able to tolerate Chemo today but like I said my body is in need for a weeks rest to regenerate and my Labs were too low. My platelet count had gone up a little since the transfusion but not enough to be able to get chemo. AND my neutrophils, which are our first fight against infection were pretty low, too low to get todays round of Chemo. Which means I have to avoid large crowds, wear a mask if I am out, and avoid anyone with a cold or that is sick. My mom so graciously took Ava in for a few days because our little sweet pea is sick with a cold. I miss her already. Thank you Mom for thinking of my well being and taking care of Ava!

This is all completely normal and expected, so no worries :) No one can expect to go every week with Chemo without a week off. I went 5 weeks with no breaks until now, WHOOP WHOOP! I am strong and my body is strong through our GOD. I will see my Doctor on Monday followed with Chemo. This week my goal is to REST and to stay HEALTHY.

Do not be afraid of tomorrow, for God is already there.

Thank you all for your prayers!



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Emily said...

Thanks for the update sweet Jen. Glad you are "off" this week to let your body rest. You are so strong and amazing. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya!