Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh, are a pain in my bones :)

Well, Chemo day was not unfortunately today due to my neutrophils again not being quite high enough to receive treatment...grrr. However my Platelet levels were great :)....So, the Dr gave me a Neupogen shot in the arm today (this will stimulate the growth of my neutrophils from my bone marrow) and all will be well. My levels will be up within a few days and I will have Chemo on Wednesday of this week and then will fall back into my regular routine of Monday Chemo days. Can you believe all of the drugs that they can give to Cancer patients now to help our bodies along the way during treatments? Absolutely amazing. The only side effect I have had from Neupogen so far is bone pain, yes, I said it...bone pain. The Dr said to expect it and now I am feeling it....yes. From my neck to my back down to my legs. hahahaha...kind of feels like how I felt when I was 9 months pregnant. geesh. But How I love Neupogen for boosting my cells to allow me to get treatment this week! He will continue to give me this shot two days before each treatment to keep my levels up.
My Dr today was amazed at how well I've been doing! He said he's never seen anyone tolerate Chemo so well and with the drugs I've been on. IT'S BECAUSE I'M STRONG THROUGH OUR GOD AND HE MAKES ME STRONG. Also AMAZING news...he was not able to feel the tumor in my breast upon assessment! AND the mass in my right underarm has dramatically decreased. I'm talking about it has shrunk from a softball down to a nut in 5 weeks of Chemo. PRAISE GOD! And I still have 5 more months to go!!! I pray for complete healing, cancer free by the end of my treatments. TRUST, FAITH, BELIEVE.
I turn 30 tomorrow! Each year is a celebration of life. A blessing. I'm beginning to seek out the things in life that bring me much joy and excitement. Passion. It is something that I wish upon everyone to do and challenge you to do. Don't wait or make excuses. Live your life.
About 6 years ago I began riding Dressage, which is an equestrian sport. Riding horses brings much pleasure and joy in my life and is extremely therapeutic. It has been 2 years since I have ridden (since my pregnancy and my daughter was born) and tomorrow, on my birthday, I will start riding again!!! YAY!!! I found an excellent equestrian stables and will begin riding a few times a month as long as I can during treatments. Therapeutic. Happiness.

Have a great week everyone!
Much love! THINK PINK!


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