Saturday, February 12, 2011


Good afternoon! I just have to give a little shout out...WHOOP WHOOP! This week marks the 5th week of Chemo! We are into the second month. YES! Last week I was more tired than usual. I have been snoozing like a baby! Nap time in my house has included momma. Last week in was time to receive both of my chemo drugs together. It works on a cycle. I get the same chemo drug every week and then they add the second drug every 3rd week. When I receive both drugs it just takes effect on my body a little more than the other weeks. I'm extremely tired, but I rest...A LOT in the first first few days. And then mainly just take a nap when Ava does the rest of the week. The nausea is more heightened but very controllable with my meds that the Dr. prescribed me! I'm so grateful to have family here to help me when I am not quite myself. Seriously, the support that I have been given from family and friends is heaven sent. I cannot say Thank You enough! I love you all!

We are so blessed to be able to continue to keep Ava in school two days a week. She loves going and it has been wonderful for her! It also provides me those two days after chemo to rest and regain my energy! I am also proud to announce that Ava has switched over to a toddler bed....BIG GIRL! She transitioned beautifully. She is growing up way too fast.

This week has been great, round 5 of chemo was a breeze and I have regained good energy this week! I had a mother/daughter day out Tuesday and it was fabulous to get out and about! And it was 72 degrees! Since our snow Apocalypse in the past few weeks I had not ventured out of the house and was feeling a little cramped so it felt AMAZING and refreshing to get out in the beautiful weather and enjoy the day.

I have begun working out again and am planning to run/walk a 5k in march here in Tulsa. We have a lot of 5k here in Tulsa all year round. Susan G. Komen race for the cure will be held in September this year in Tulsa...we are planning on getting a big team together and running! FUN! If you have never participated in a Race for the cure event, I highly recommend it. The energy at this event is enough to make you do back handsprings for 2 miles :)

God continuous to bless me everyday. I am forever thankful for this experience. I am not angry or sad that I have cancer. Don't get me wrong, I do have weak moments and struggles but this has turned my life around and opened my eyes. My purpose in this life is now so easy to see, it's all for him, our God.

I Read this verse last night and wanted to share it with you.

Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, "I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won't have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life."

Much love! Think Pink!


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You are an inspiration, sis. I love you!