Monday, January 31, 2011

My hands go up to you, for you are the great Physician.

Chemo week 3 started today and I feel great! My heart is on fire, I am strong. I feel God doing great things through me and have never felt more at peace. He has taken away my fears. indescribable, simply beautiful, amazing.

I met with my breast surgeon today as well after chemotherapy and she was able to ultrasound my cancer sites. Healing is taking place. The mass in the lymph node at my right axillary is now half the size smaller since we started treatment(The Dr compared it to that is was a softball and now it's the size of an egg!!!). And my tumor in my right breast is shrinking as well. BLESSED! God is good! I still have 5 more months of chemotherapy, THE CANCER WILL BE GONE at the end of my treatments! I will have a Double Mastectomy after this is over followed by radiation for an additional 6-7 weeks to attack remaining cells left on my chest wall.
I found out after meeting with a geneticist and having some blood work that I am positive for the BRCA 1 gene. Which means I carry the gene for breast/ovarian cancer. Such an important test! My daughter now has a 50% chance of carrying this gene when she is older. She now will have the knowledge and resources for her health and screening can start early for her. BLESSED!

Thank you all for amazing support! The cards, texts, messages, phone calls, gifts from you all fill my heart with joy! Smiles and big hugs to each and everyone of you! Much love! THINK PINK!

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