Thursday, January 27, 2011

Message of Hope and Faith from a Young Breast Cancer Survivor

Good Evening! This message truly touches my heart and makes me do a little happy dance! I wanted to share it with you. This message is from a young breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed when she was 25. She now tells her story and has developed an organization,, for cancer survivors. Enjoy...

I believe God has a special purpose and special plan for each one of us. We are all on our own unique journey to live out His will for our lives, if we will only give Him the liberty to be the King of our life.

See… He showed me He can use anything and everything we go through in life to bring glory to Him. It’s not about us. We’ve only overcome because of God’s healing power.

One of the promises I’ve been continually comforted by is Romans 8:28 that says …in all things God works for the good of those who love him, and who have been called to his purpose.

I might not ever understand why, but I can surrender my circumstance to Christ and allow Him to bring beauty from ashes.

But you know what… if those challenges were the small price I had to pay for the gift of having a voice to share the faithfulness of Christ with just one person that hasn’t experienced the loving touch of Jesus, then it’s all worth it. He loves us endlessly and desires to show His faithfulness to us. We just have to trust Him.

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Cathy Morris said...

Jen, when I read this post it reminded me of when Nathan and I were dealing with infertility. Before we were diagnosed I remember singing this song to God as a prayer. Little did I know He already had a plan of how he was going to tear my walls down. I feel so blessed that God is using a storm in my life so that I can share His love and power with others. I know He has a plan for your storm too.

Hurricane by Jimmy Neeham

I have built a city here,
half with pride and half with fear,
I just wanted a safer place to hide,
I don't wanna be safe tonight.

I need you like a hurricane,
thunder crashing wind and rain,
to tear my walls down,
I'm only yours now.
I need you like a burning flame,
wild fire untamed,
to burn these walls down,
I'm only yours now,
I'm only yours now.

I am yours and you are mine,
You know far better than I,
And if destruction's what I need,
Then I'll recieve it Lord from Thee,
Yes, I'll recieve it Lord from Thee.


And it's your eye in the storm,
watching over me,
and its your eye in the storm,
wanting only good from me,
and if you are the war,
let me be your casualty,
til I'm yours alone, I am only yours.
I am yours alone, Lord.