Thursday, February 18, 2010

Little inch worm

Soooo Ava is still not crawling per say...she is more like a little inch worm, or army crawling. She most definitely can get around and will pop up on all fours, inch a few steps, wiggle and scoot on her stomach and for anyone that does yoga, she even does a very good "downward dog" position, haha. She will will pop up on all fours go a few steps pop back down on her stomach and pop right back up just like an inch worm. Bo and I will spend so much time on the floor with her crawling around "teaching" the crawl but no luck, lol she seems very content at what she is doing. She is very strong willed. Maybe she will actually begin to "crawl" or maybe will skip crawling all together and begin to pull up and walk, we shall see. Bo's mom said that he did the exact same thing and began pulling up and walking instead. I am so in love with this little girl!! She has grown so much and is an absolute angel! I will do an 9 month old update at the end of this month! I can't believe that her 1 year birthday is just 3 months away! It makes me so sad. This time flies by so fast when they are this young but she is so much fun right now and her little personality is just shining through! She can always bring a smile or laugh to any minute of your day. Love her.
Here are a few pictures taken over the last few days. The first one is of Ava enjoying one of her favorite meals, avacodo. And yes, her father fed this to her, and yes, he did clean her up :)
Then next photo was taken this morning...doesn't she look like the next Miss May? She is such a poser! She loves the camera....maybe because its been in her face since day one.

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