Sunday, January 3, 2010

Trust him.

There is something about snow falling that is comforting. Peaceful. As I sit here drinking my 1st..err, 2nd cup of coffee :) I can't help but get entranced by it's whimsical flutter as I stare out the living room window. It seems in our busy lives we too often don't stop enough to take a breather and thank God for simply giving us life on this beautiful earth. Appreciate, respect, love, NEVER TAKE FOR GRANTED.
I personally believe God never hands you anything that he believes you cannot handle, even if you don't believe in can find the strength. A good friend of mine once told me " The lord has a plan, and always a good lesson learned-trust him."

This is how I want to start out my new year... with no fear, to live with my eyes wide open and my heart full.

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Trey and Kelly said...

That brought tears to my eyes, sis. Love you.