Thursday, December 3, 2009


The last weeks it seems that I have been doing a lot of "reflecting" back on the last few years. I rarely do this people. I'm the kinda girl that is always looking straight ahead and thinking of what is to come. It drives me crazy really and is a little annoying. Of course I completely put our lives in God's hands and have faith that he sets our paths but I secretly wish that I had a fortune teller ball that I could peak at what the future holds but then again what is the fun and adventure in that? ANYWAY...I'm not sure if its because our lives have changed so much in the past 2 years....Take a look... New careers, births, parenthood, graduation,long distance relationship, loss of loved ones, moving and searching for jobs. PHEW! Talk about a flood of emotions. I feel grateful, loved, blessed,fear,doubt,hopeful,anger,humbled,accomplished,overwhelmed,stress, can go on and on and on. My life is not perfect but it is perfect for me. The imperfections and struggles are what make us strong but it's the unconditional love and support that hold us together. My husband and my daughter are my world. Never have I been so happy and fulfilled. When Ava entered our lives it was like a piece of the puzzle had finally been found. Sounds cheesy but it's true. I am forever thankful for my family and close friends. Here are some of my reflections in the past few years...never knew just looking at these pictures would stir up such strong emotions. Rudy, Dad, we love and miss you. You are in our thoughts always.
Graduation from nursing school! I was so proud! Mrs. Blankenship, Registered Nurse!Pregnancy! And Yes, I would do it all over again. Amazing.

Introducing Miss Ava Grace! Ava Grace, 3 months old

My how she is growing! 6 months old!
We have so much going on in the next few weeks...Bo's graduating!!! I am so proud of him! Things are about to change for our family! New jobs, moving! Please pray for our family as we dive into this next chapter in our lives and our new adventure! Thankful, blessed....Yes, I am.

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