Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Tulsa

Our Christmas Stockings!
I'm dreaming of a white christmas....

Ava giving Nana sugars
Father and Daughter :)

Suzy and Dustin cooking up something mighty fine and Bo doing what he does BEST...taste testing ; )

Nana and Ava playing...so sweetPOPPY!

Kelly and baby Joslin, she is only 2 months old...such a cuddle love bug!

Sisters! Our family makes pretty cute babies, huh? Joslin, 2 months. Ava, 7 months

Little lamb

It comes so natural to Katie...wink, wink

I HAD TO! I absolutely adore this picture! Love your laugh!

Nana, Ava, Louie, and Jazz
Want to play with me?
Family moment
Sisters and their babies....Notice Ava staring down Chloe the puppy. She is not quite sure what to think of her. So funny!

Nana bought Ava her first walker for Christmas! She loves it!
Oh man, he's a little nuts BUT.....I love this husband of mine.
Mother and Daughter
Katie and baby Chloe

Kelly and Trey

Todd + Sarah...so adorable
The Smiths :) LOVE this picture of you two
We had such a good time in Tulsa and it was sad to say goodbye and head our separate ways! Love Love being around the family.
Thank you Mom and Terry for an amazing Christmas holiday!

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