Thursday, November 26, 2009

GIve Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Bo, Ava and I celebrated together in our little home today...relaxed and enjoyed our time together! I filled our home with the sweet smell of pumpkin bread this morning and we celebrated today with a non traditional meal of delicious baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and sauteed squash/onions. It was DELISH! We spent it alone this year because I was scheduled to work tonight...but at 5:15 pm the nurse supervisor called and put me on standby. Not so good for the paycheck but super sweet that I get to cuddle with my husband and little bug tonight. It's been an awesome day. So thankful for my family. I can't believe that my little girl turns 6months old tomorrow! I will post an update on this little cutie soon! There is alot going on with this family of three....We just purchased our first "new car" and we love it, it's perfect for our active family. We bought a 2005 Nissan Xterra! It's in perfect condition, has low miles, and a great warranty. We are very pleased and blessed. The biggest and most exciting news of all is that Bo graduates December 19th!!! I am soooooo very proud of him, he has worked so hard and can't wait to see him walk across that stage with his diploma! GOOD JOB BABE! Big things happening! This is huge for our family! We will finally both be out of school, working REAL jobs and have a NORMAL life, without studying, projects, test, homework. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like starting the next chapter in our lives. Now the next thing on our agenda is for Bo to find a job!!! Exciting!! Please keep us in your prayers!

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