Friday, November 27, 2009

6 months old!

Man, has our little love bug grown or what?!?! Here is whats been going on with our big girl who turned 6 months old today!

-Ava has doubled her weight! Good girl! I'm not exactly for sure the exact numbers until we go to her dr. appt next week but she was 9.8 at birth and 14lb at 4months. You can definitely tell that she has put on more weight since her 4 month check up. I'm guessing she weighs 18-20 lbs! And she is very tall! I am buying 12-18 month clothing because she is so long! Everything else is too short! Just like her Mommy!

-Ava is a very good eater and so far has tried momma's homemade pureed bananas, avacodo's, green beans, carrots, and sweet potatoes! She has loved them all. I enjoy making my own baby food and I know that it is so healthy for her! Next on her menu....squash! Yum!

-She is sitting up on her own! She is such a strong lil' girl and she can hold her self up in a tripod position pretty well but she will get a little wobbly and tumble over after about 5-10 minutes.

-She has the prettiest smile I have ever seen and her little nose scrunches darn cute!

-She LAUGHS...a lot! Ava gets these uncontrollable giggle spells and she will laugh for a good 5 minutes. It's truly the sweetest sound, melts my heart. She is also extremely ticklish like her momma! Poor thing.

-Ava is sleeping almost through the night! She has an awesome schedule. Her bedtime is at 7:30 and it's routine that we have a bath followed by her dinner (pureed food + bottle) and then I rock and sing to her before she lays down for the night. She only wakes up once in the night...usually around 4 am to eat. Getting very close to sleeping all night! YEAH!!!!

-She has a good schedule everyday and knows exactly when to expect to eat and take a nap...she is like's GREAT and makes her such a happy baby! She eats every 3-4 hours and takes a nap about 1 1/2- 2hrs after she eats and naps for a good hour to 2 hours.

- She loves to play, coo, blow bubbles, read books/look at bright colorful pictures, sing to her(her favorite is still itsy bitsy spider and you are my sunshine), bounce in her jumperoo, play with her rings(it's her favorite), watch baby Einstein, go on walks in her stroller, play with Mac doggie (he is over the moon for this baby).

-She LOVES being outdoors! So much to look at! She gets so excited when the breeze hits her cute! She will spend hours just looking at nature.

-Ava loves her bath time and I think she is really going to enjoy swimming. We put her in the big bath tub the other night with me and let her play and float on her back with support. She had the most fun and was smiling the entire time!

-She is still very much a cuddle bug and loves to snuggle! I hold onto these moments!

-She is also very much a monkey...she will literally climb up you when you are holding her and playing!

-She loves to jump, bounce, play airplane, play giddy up horsey, swing, BASICALLY anything active and fun!

-Ava is quiet/shy and observes the things around her very carefully, almost like she is solving a world mystery. The innocence is adorable.

-I think she will began crawling in the next month or so....she already "scoots" like an inch worm and is so strong.

-She is a pro at rolling over from front to back, back to front.

-Her little personality is just shining through and she is the sweetest, most happy, content baby! And she definitely has her mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger.

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