Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3 months old!

Ava turned 3 months old this week! This is whats been going on with this little cutie...

-She lights up the room with her smiles, such a happy baby!
-I've heard her giggle just a few times...hasn't quite figured it out yet :)
-She is a major drooler and she is sucking on her hands now! I think she is teething! I felt a few spots on her front gum's that feel like a tooth cutting through. EXCITING!
-she can follow you across the room with her eyes and she focuses extremely well!
-She definitely recognizes mommy and daddy and their voices! She LOVES her mommy and Daddy!
-She loves to mimic your baby coo's and sounds, she gets very excited when she does this...so cute.
-She is sleeping 12 hrs a night!!
-She is still breastfeeding very well and feeds every 3-4 hours!
-She is extremely active and moves like a little inch worm! We will put her at the bottom end of her crib and within a few hours into the night she has inched her way to the other side and will be turned around! I think that soon she will be rolling over.
-Poor girl inherited her mom's tickle genes. I am extremely ticklish and so is she...it's hilarious! She gets squirmy on every tickle spot of her little body! HA!
-She started to enjoy watching baby Einstein...she thinks it's funny. She enjoys the shakespeare dvd best.
-She is the sweetest baby!

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Lane said...

She is just too precious! Way to go on the sleeping 12 hours!! Sterling was and is the same way! It's great! :)