Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3 months old!

Ava turned 3 months old this week! This is whats been going on with this little cutie...

-She lights up the room with her smiles, such a happy baby!
-I've heard her giggle just a few times...hasn't quite figured it out yet :)
-She is a major drooler and she is sucking on her hands now! I think she is teething! I felt a few spots on her front gum's that feel like a tooth cutting through. EXCITING!
-she can follow you across the room with her eyes and she focuses extremely well!
-She definitely recognizes mommy and daddy and their voices! She LOVES her mommy and Daddy!
-She loves to mimic your baby coo's and sounds, she gets very excited when she does this...so cute.
-She is sleeping 12 hrs a night!!
-She is still breastfeeding very well and feeds every 3-4 hours!
-She is extremely active and moves like a little inch worm! We will put her at the bottom end of her crib and within a few hours into the night she has inched her way to the other side and will be turned around! I think that soon she will be rolling over.
-Poor girl inherited her mom's tickle genes. I am extremely ticklish and so is she...it's hilarious! She gets squirmy on every tickle spot of her little body! HA!
-She started to enjoy watching baby Einstein...she thinks it's funny. She enjoys the shakespeare dvd best.
-She is the sweetest baby!

Sweet girl...

I can't believe our little girl is 3months old this week! She is getting so big! Love her so much.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Caught it!

I finally caught the smile!! She has been doing this for the past few weeks and it seemed like every time I would try to catch it on camera...of course she would stop. My heart seriously stops with this face. So sweet.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Who can say "NO" to this face?!?!?!

So I know that people say that you can't spoil babies BUT I feel that Bo and I are well on our way to creating of course a sweet little monster that has us wrapped around her tiny little finger. We were doing so good at night and she was sleeping ALL night but it seems like the past week she is having problems going down for bed time and she will just cry and cry until we pick her up and then she immediately falls asleep...BIG SIGH. She is just so sweet and those big crocodile tears break my heart. She ended up sleeping on my chest all night!! I'm so against co-sleeping with the babe but I was exhausted from working my night 12 hr shift so I gave in :( BUT I definitely can not do this every night so we must show some tough love and get her back into the swing of things. Maybe it's just a phase...but does anyone have any advice on how to fix this?? This is a picture of her last night after her bath and right before "bedtime"....now you can see why it is so hard, she is just too darn cute.