Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ava turns 2 months!

Our little girl is getting so big and changing every day! I can't believe it was just 8 weeks ago that we brought her home! Time flies!!!! Here is an update of what Ava is doing...

-She is sleeping 7-8hrs at night!!! Mommy and Daddy are VERY HAPPY.
-She is starting to Coo and talk to sweet.
-She is smiling, melts my heart every time :)
-She loves to go on walks in her stroller...puts her to sleep every time.
-She is doing great at "tummy time" and her neck is getting stronger. She holds her head up exceptionally well!
-She loves to cuddle and still prefers to sleep on your chest than in her crib....a little spoiled.
-She is focusing and falling objects! Her eyes get so big when she is looking around and when we are talking to her! It's adorable.
-She has the most expressive emotions I have ever seen in a baby. We call it the many looks of Ava. It is hilarious!
-She is the sweetest and happiest baby BUT I have to admit she has a short hot temper! Lets just say she will let you know fast when she wants something.
-Her hair color is changing! She still has my light brown color but it is showing signs of a pretty auburn. Maybe that explains the temper...HA!
-I will know her weight on Monday when she goes to the Dr. for her first shots but I'm pretty sure she is close to 13lbs!

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