Monday, May 4, 2009

It's a LION! Oh,'s just our dog Mac.

Before and after picture of Mac, our sweet golden retriever. He got a shave down at the groomers...he looks like a little lion, kinda silly huh. He is such a good boy and I think he is too precious even with his golden locks gone (only a mother could feel this way..HA!) Our other retriever, Dakota will go on Wednesday. She is already pouting about it and senses her doom. We did this to help decrease the shedding and to keep them cleaner when Ava gets here. They are both inside dogs for now so we made the decision to do this. Don't worry Mac and will grow back.


Brandon said...

We've got a Cocker Spaniel. We used to have a long pretty coat on him but it go too matted too often and we had to brush and comb it EVERY day. It got stuff in it and if it was nasty and wet outside, that hair just made him stink. So now we just shave it all off. He's not nearly as pretty. I know that he's got to love it especially in the summertime when he gets hot. You can just tell when he's got a full body of hair in the summer heat. He's just miserable.

I know your dog feels better...all the weight and hair off of him. But I agree with what you said, even though our dogs aren't as pretty when their shaved, we still love them!

Jen said...

Now that we have been around them with the new cuts...ya know, it's kinda growing on me. I can tell that they feel better! Dakota, our female looks adorable! They even put a little bow on her head...Bo said it looks like she should be wearing a tutu. So sweet.