Wednesday, April 1, 2009

more money in my pocket...

I LOVE BARGAINS... especially now that I'm going to be a mom. So when I came across the cutest childrens consignment shop called "The Kiddie Garden" in Rolla, I was ecstatic! They had everything and most of the clothing were under $3.00! I had to stop myself from going shop happy and buying everything I saw. I decided to wait until after my baby showers and then come back to pick up what I needed. BUT of course I couldn't leave empty handed so I decided on purchasing a few 0-3 month cotton pants in a variety of colors for the early months when Ava is home. All of the pants that I found were Carters brand and I only paid $1.00 for each of them. CRAZY. I bought 7 pairs of pants and a simple onsie. My total was $9.00!! Now that I have found this store I will probably only shop here while we are in Rolla...seriously the clothes are so clean, no stains and look brand new. As everyone knows, buying for your little one can be expensive and they only wear them for a short time so finding this place was the highlight of my week. They had the cutest little baby girl outfits and dresses for a price that was too hard to pass by. Needless to say, I am so happy about my purchases today and look forward to my future bargain buys at the Kiddie Garden.

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