Thursday, April 30, 2009

A good laugh. it's not that funny but I have somehow it my already uncomfortable pregnancy state, have broke out in poison ivy on MY FACE. Seriously, this must be a joke. It has now spread it's miserable little self into my EYE. I look like a swollen, one eyed freak. WHY WHY WHY. I'm going to the Dr shortly to get a steroid shot (preggo safe) so lets PRAY that I will be semi-comfortable soon. Go ahead...laugh, and paint a mental picture of what I must look like, it's pretty sad...but mildly funny. OH MAN...

Oh, and no, I won't post a picture.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

baby update...35 weeks! I went to the Dr. today and we discussed Miss Ava's arrival. As of right now she is measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule by her weight and growth. Such a big, healthy girl! The Dr. discussed that we might be looking at a c-section if she is weighing over 9.5 lbs because of the risk of having a big baby. He ordered another ultrasound to be done in 3 weeks (I will be 38 weeks) to check her weight to determine what we will do. A lot can happen in 3 weeks in the last month so please keep us in your prayers. I'll be honest, I wasn't very thrilled about having a c section but I have prayed about it and come to peace that the most important thing to me is what comes home with us, our little girl.
So that is the update as of now and we will see as the weeks progress as to what will actually happen! We are both so excited and very anxious about seeing our baby girl! My entire family is thrilled about our little girls arrival and they will all make the trip to see little Ava at the hospital! My mom is staying with us for 1-2 weeks afterwards! She is amazing and so helpful. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing, loving, and supportive family.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

baby update...

I went to the Dr. today and we did an ultrasound! Ava Grace is measuring bigger than we thought. She is measuring at 36 weeks instead of 34 weeks....HOORAY! She is weighing in right now at
5lb. 5oz! She is going to be a big girl! It runs in the family...I weighed over 9lbs!! Hopefully this means she will be here sooner than we excited! I'm going weekly now to the dr. and I will go back next Tuesday! Time is flying by now! Pray for us.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Nesting and dog buisness

So now that my Dr. has put me on rest for the remainder of my pregnancy due to the fact that my body is having problems tolerating the extra activity I am forced to stay at home and relax. Yes, it may sound wonderful but after about a week...cabin fever has struck. I'm not the greatest patient and am a little stubborn about relaxing and kicking my feet up ALL DAY LONG. I have found myself cleaning in spurts everyday and organizing like a mad woman (Don't worry I take ALOT of breaks...I have to or I about pass out about 10 minutes into my daily routines, literally.) And I'm only at it for about an hour and I'm done for the day...Yes, I get that tired. I couldn't imagine working my usual 12 hour shifts at the fast paced speed of my nursing job. I would last 30 minutes. It has also given me a chance to catch up on my baby reading, Baby Wise and The happiest baby on the block. Love these books and I feel so much more prepared for when Ava comes.

I finally was able to make a grooming appt for my two other kids, our golden retreivers Mac & Dakota. We rent a small house that does not have a fenced in backyard so you can imagine how crowded it can get in small 2 bedroom house with two 1oolb dogs. Don't get me wrong...they are very well mannered and housetrained but I will be EXTREMELY happy when bo graduates in december and we move, get a much bigger house with a fenced in back yard. Sounds amazing. But our house is full of love and I am enjoying the moment. Anyway back to the grooming...My dogs have beautiful golden coats but it is higher maintence to keep the shedding down by just doing the golden trim and I have to take them more often....SO I have opted to get there coats cut short, really short. I'm sure it will be horrid at first and the dogs will probably be mad at me but it's for the best and it will help us out cleaning wise when the baby is here.

I also purchased a baby gate to help clear the chaos in the house when the baby comes home. When I say chaos I mean the dogs being introduced to our new member. Being a new mom I just want peace and quiet and don't want to feel claustrophobic. I will keep the dogs in the kitchen at different times during the day and when we leave the house so they don't get on the furniture. It has worked well, though they seem to think there in trouble when we put them up....don't worry they have plenty of room and are very well taken care of. I think they know something different is about to happen in the household. Mac, our male golden has been sleeping in the babies room and I will catch Dakota napping in there during the day. It's really so sweet. They will be great with our little girl.

I am excited about tomorrow! It is the highlight of my week because I am going to the Dr!! He is going to "check me", run some test, and do an ultrasound! I get to see my little girl and how much she is weighing! We are ecstatic. I will post an update when I get home!

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's in the water!

I luckily got to attend my good friend Sabre's baby shower the day after mine while Bo and I were in Rogers. We are just a week apart!! She is having a little boy! So sweet. I LOVE being pregnant with others and having our children close in age!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

April baby shower.....Thank you to all my family and friends!

More bargain shopping!

I went back to the Kiddie Garden yesterday and picked up these cute little girlie rompers and dress/bloomer set. I bought all five items for $20 dollars! Love it!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

more money in my pocket...

I LOVE BARGAINS... especially now that I'm going to be a mom. So when I came across the cutest childrens consignment shop called "The Kiddie Garden" in Rolla, I was ecstatic! They had everything and most of the clothing were under $3.00! I had to stop myself from going shop happy and buying everything I saw. I decided to wait until after my baby showers and then come back to pick up what I needed. BUT of course I couldn't leave empty handed so I decided on purchasing a few 0-3 month cotton pants in a variety of colors for the early months when Ava is home. All of the pants that I found were Carters brand and I only paid $1.00 for each of them. CRAZY. I bought 7 pairs of pants and a simple onsie. My total was $9.00!! Now that I have found this store I will probably only shop here while we are in Rolla...seriously the clothes are so clean, no stains and look brand new. As everyone knows, buying for your little one can be expensive and they only wear them for a short time so finding this place was the highlight of my week. They had the cutest little baby girl outfits and dresses for a price that was too hard to pass by. Needless to say, I am so happy about my purchases today and look forward to my future bargain buys at the Kiddie Garden.