Monday, March 30, 2009

I could live off of water and sunshine...

Beautiful sunny days! I actually got to wear a skirt today...amazing. I love this weather and I wish it would stay. I'm off work until Thursday and I dream that it will stay like this all week and through the weekend.

Oh, just a thought....I've had numerous people tell me that they think that Ava Grace is going to come the end of april! Thats a whole month early. Crazy. This makes me nervous! I would LOVE to see her early but I just want her to be healthy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

31 weeks

The countdown is on! I can't believe that I am just weeks away from meeting our little girl. The little girl that has been stirring and growing inside of me for 8 months. I have overwhelming feelings of joy and happiness! To hold her for the first time and to have her lock her eyes with mine is a dream. I can't wait to see Bo hold our daughter and to see the two most important things in my life together and as a family. He is going to be an amazing and supportive father. I am truly blessed.

When I went to the Doctor last week for my 29week check up it was a pleasant surprise...I am measuring a week ahead of schedule. So 31 weeks is where I am and I could not be happier! To anyone that has been pregnant before you will understand that statement. This last stretch has been....well, uncomfortable. I am lucky to have such an uncomplicated pregnancy besides the usual aches and pains that you feel towards the end. Bo laughs at me because it takes me so long to get anywhere and getting up from a sitting position can be a challenge and most of the time requires assistance after a long day. I love him for being so patient with me and for being an amazing supportive and empathetic husband when I'm not feeling so great. The daily back rubs and feet rubs are much MUCH appreciated.

Ava Grace is quite the gymnast! As each week passes she becomes amazingly strong and active. I feel like there is a party going on in my belly! There have been a couple of times where it felt like she just might kick her way out...I just think to myself that she is just as anxious to me us!

My good friend Anne-Camille took our maternity pictures over the weekend and we had the best time! She is an amazing photographer and I was honored to have such talent make memories for us! She gave us a sneak peak on her website and I am anxious to see all of the photos she took! You can see her work and a sneak peak of our photos at Photos by Anne-Camille.

Also over the weekend my sister Suzy got married to an amazing man. They are now Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Smith! It was a perfect day and my sister looked so beautiful and incredibly happy! They are on their honeymoon at Disneyworld for an entire fun! I will post pictures
of the wedding when I get them! Next weekend is my first baby shower hosted by my mom and sisters in Rogers, AR! I am so excited to see all of my family and friends! I won't be the only expecting mom there...2 of my good friends are expecting as well as my sister Kelly. I just LOVE being pregnant with others!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ava's room part two

We have added a few more things to our little girls room! The rocking chair you see is Bo's grandfathers that passed away. We re-upholstered it to make it perfect for Ava. Bo and I had an interesting time doing this and it's not the most professional but I love it all the same and I'm sure it will put our little girl to sleep every night. All that is left is a dresser, which we already have, a changing table, a rug, and a few pictures to hang on the other wall (reserved for the maternity pics that my dear friend Anne Camille will be taking next week). I have some left over fabric from doing the chair so I 'm going to try to incorporate it with the room somehow. She will be here in 10 weeks!