Friday, December 19, 2008

lazy dayzzzz.

I absolutely LOVE after I've worked my 12 hour shifts to wake up to my day off, get up, make myself some scrambled eggs and toast and have a cup of "decafed" coffee. So nice. I can just lay around in my sweats and relax. I guess I should soak up this time as much as possible and enjoy it, lol. Can I just say how great I've been feeling!! I jinxed myself last time I said that I was over the sickness because a week later I was hanging over the toilet...again. But now that i'm into my second trimester and have been feeling great for the last few weeks besides the minor headaches I think it's safe to say that it is over. I'm axiously waiting to feel the so called fluttering in my belly from the baby but I think I'm just feeling gas intstead or my belly rumbling because it's hungry..again. I'll be 17 weeks in a few days! I find out the sex in about a week or so. Dec 30th! We already have names picked out....if it's a girl: AVA GRACE....if it's a boy: HENRY COLEMAN. I love these names. our boy name is after my grandfather that passed away and coleman is Bo's middle name. The girl name is just something that we came up with ourselves. It's so feminine and has and old hollywood glamour sound to it. So beautiful.

Bo has been so calm through everything. I ask him every so often.."Are you nervous about being parents?" And of course he is always so cool and confident and say's "no, we will be great parents and you are going to be an amazing mom." It is a little scary to me to be honest. This tiny little person that I have so much love for already is our responsibilty forever. Everything runs through my mind about parenthood and the different possibilities that we could encounter. I know that I will be a good mother and that we are going to do great but it's still a little scary. So sureal. I think it is mostly my pregnancy hormones and the emotional ride that i've been experiencing. I think a mother can be overly emotional about her pregnancy especially the first time because she is carrying this little person and feels a greater weight of responsiblilty and protection. I have an amazing support system and am so lucky to have an amazing husband who will be there every step of the way.

We had a great time in Mtn.home last weekend and it was so good to see everyone! I'm anxious to go back. It's so beautiful there and my dad's house is like out of a magazine, sitting on top of a mountain with spectacular views of the lake. We are traveling to Tulsa next week to spend about 4days with my mom, stepdad and my sisters and brothers. I can't wait! I am so lucky to have the family that I have.

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