Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Our little baby must have been bashful today because he/she kept it's little legs crossed during the entire ultrasound and we could not get a very clear image of the gender! BUT, from what the Dr. and the technician saw they are 90% sure that it is a girl!!!!!! I will go back in a few weeks to get another ultrasound to confirm the gender.
This was by far the best appointment EVER. The baby looked like an actual little person with two legs, two arms and little fingers and toes. We saw every view of our child...the spine, bottom, feet , hands, stomach, legs, arms, the face with it's eyes, nose, chin, ears, and mouth, and even a glimpse of some of the organs! What a healthy growing baby! It was amazing. Bo and I could not wipe the smile and giggles off of our faces...it made it all so real.
The baby was sooooo cute. At first it had the hiccups and we could not stop laughing, so adorable. And then the baby was just stretching its little arms and legs all over the place. The baby covered it's face with it's arm at one point and then began sucking it's thumb. I'm in heaven and soooo in love. I can't wait to meet this perfect little angel.
Probably one of my favorite moments today was just seeing Bo's reaction to our baby on the screen. He literally was smiling the entire time and just had a mesmerizing expression on his face. His eyes looked like he had just fallen in love again. It made my heart melt.

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