Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh, and another thing...YEAH FOR MORNING SICKNESS (actually for me, all day sickness) BEING GONE AND OVER WITH!! It's been exactly one week since the nausea and other symptoms that I would rather not mention went away and I feel like a million bucks now! I pray pray pray that it stays that way!!
I'm so excited for the Holidays! I haven't seen any of my family since graduation and I can't wait til we all get together. We ALWAYS have so much fun! I have to work on thanksgiving and that weekend so Bo and I will spend turkey day in rolla together. We'll miss everyone! BUT Christmas we'll be amazing! We'll go to Mtn.Home the weekend before Christmas and then head to Tulsa for Christmas...I can't wait! I can smell my favorite family dish already...Turkey dressing, yum! My mom is an amazing cook, my mouth is watering already thinking of the goodness that I will ingest.

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