Monday, August 18, 2008

Today was my nephews first day of school and I'm not so sure who was more nephew, or my sister. It was too cute. Aidan, my nephew I don't really think grasps the idea yet what kindergarten really is but he DOES know that he is going to be a "Gator" (the mascot). My sister on the other hand cracks me up! She has spent hours, I MEAN HOURS going over the curriculum, polices and procedures, school supplies to buy and other things that they have planned for the year! She has got sooo organized for his first day and got up REALLY early this morning, turned on some "feel good music" to get the boys juices going and made them a big breakfast. She is such a fun mom and so involved its cute. I guess not being a mom YET ;) I have no clue what its like but the excitement she displayed for her first child to enter school was just too funny. Oh, if your wondering, I'm staying with my sis for the summer until I graduate (which is SEPT 6...OH YEAH!!!) and let me say it has been so much fun and an eye opener for someone that doesn't have children and also for someone that grew up in a household full of girls. My nephews are 5 and 3 and ALL BOY. I like to call them lil monkeys because they are always running, bouncing, climbing, laughing, talking, screaming....and the most sweetest cuddliest little punkins ever.
On another note...It's been a good Monday. I finish my last psych clinical tomorrow, thank goodness, and Friday is my LAST OFFICIAL DAY OF CLASS. Whoa. That felt good. I still have some housekeeping to do though before graduation like a final next week, ATI Review, and a NCLEX review but all worries are out the door after this week. Then I can start studying for my Boards after graduation.
Bo and I received mountain bikes as a gift from my mom and step dad (THANK YOU!!!) and let me just say how much they rock! We love them! Bo has been riding alot more than me apparently because they are in Missouri and well, hmmm...I'm here in AR finishing up school but Bo has been having so much fun and riding everyday! Yesterday he rode 10 miles!!! I know, crazy. But he is so happy and feels so good about himself and I can't wait to join him so I can get in on this action! 10 miles. crazy.

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Emily said...

Aww soon will have your own lil monkeys!