Saturday, August 23, 2008

Momma's house...

I'm officially done with school! Now all that's left is graduation in two weeks. Man, this is a good feeling, quite surreal. I think it really hasn't sunk in yet and probably won't until I'm back home with my husband. I did experience a lot of emotions in class yesterday though. We had a closing ceremony and everyone had to talk about their experience from the nursing program and what they were going to be taking away from the experience. Ok, just imagine a classroom full of emotional women and you'll get the the picture. It was sweet and a good way to end the day. I am ready to move has been a long 15 months for me and it is time. I have been through so much this past year and have experienced self growth and found a greater strength inside me. I feel like a new person. I have also learned that life is too often taken for granted and that we should live each day living and loving. Sounds cheesy, but it true and it's how I feel. So after this emotional week I decided what better way to start the weekend off....head to mommas house. So hear I sit what has to be the most loving and comfortable house ever, surrounded by people that I love, good food, good company and making memories to last. I think that this will always be one of my favorite places to come.

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