Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coffee and morning news...

Ya know, since I started school I have been so out of touch with whats going on in this world it is really quite ridiculous. Before I moved in with my sister I lived in my own apartment and I made the decision not to have a TV so that I wouldn't be distracted from school-SMART MOVE. But, on the other hand if anyone were to ask me ANYTHING about well...anything happening past the cardiovascular system or that pertained to medicine I would give them this blank "huh?" stare. So to get to my point, when I moved in with my sis a few months ago I was reintroduced to the world and cable. I think one of my favorite thinks right now is waking up early around 6:00 and getting a cup of joe and watching the today show. My mom laughs at me because she said last time she was down that I was so involved in the news and what was going on but she doesn't realize that this is my ONLY link right now. haha! I had today off and I thought that maybe I might sleep in but when 6 o'clock rolled around and I heard my nephews rumbling around to get ready I got too excited about waking up and having that sip of yummy hazel biscotti flavored coffee and watching my news so I rolled out of bed happily. I can say that as I get older that I have become more of morning person. I love getting up early and going outside and sitting on the porch with a warm cozy drink when its still cool and misty and the sun is beginning to rise.

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Anne-Camille said...

I know what you mean about liking to get up earlier as you get older! To me- sleeping in late is like 8:30! Ha!

Love you girl!